Listed below are testimonials from clients who I helped to achieve their writing dreams. It was a pleasure working with them in strengthening their manuscripts and seeing them grow as a writer. In addition, each name is a link to their work, so feel free to check out what they offer.

“My main regret when working with Jessey was how I didn’t find him sooner. His edits, attention to detail, and consistency exceeded all expectations. I was shocked at how many errors he found and corrected since other editors had worked on the manuscript. And even though I hired him for copy editing, he worked wonders as a beta reader by providing insightful developmental critiques. He helped make my manuscript better than what I could ever imagine.”

“To say I was delighted at the quality of this gentleman’s work would be an understatement. Thanks to his dedication and professionalism, I am now a published author. I highly recommend his service.”

“Working with Jessey improved my quality of writing. He noticed small overlooked details and pointed out key plot and character flaws. What I enjoyed most about his services was his flexibility and how there was no endless searching and comparing. It’s a time and money saver.”

“Jessey reads closely and provides not only thoughtful suggestions but his reasoning behind each edit, whilst taking care to preserve the author’s intentions. Speaking as a writer who is notoriously headstrong about his work, I found him a reasonable and helpful editor. Thanks, Jessey!”

“Jessey worked magic on my manuscript! He was thorough with the grammar and structure of my manuscript and brought insights to my story I never would have considered. The whole experience was of top quality, and he was professional with communication. My manuscript was in good hands!”

“Jessey was part of the launch team for my second book, The Seventh Day. I had asked him to read through my manuscript and check for editorial and contextual issues, but what I got back was so much more! He paid close attention to every detail and made sure there were no errors. He even provided suggestions to enhance specific sentences and general ideas. Needless to say, I was more than impressed with his work.”

“Jessey was always prompt and thorough with his beta responses! I really appreciated all his feedback.”