Editing Styles

I work with four distinct styles; line editing, copy editing, developmental editing, and proofreading. If you have any requirements, I can combine these styles to offer a unique perspective. Listed below are the different styles of editing.

Developmental Editing

This is where the big picture lies. A critical eye examines character dynamics, conflict, stakes, and plot shifts. An editor finds these issues, points out alternative solutions, and helps you strengthen your story.

Line Editing

If you have issues with communication, this style is for you. This involves checking every sentence for repetition, redundancy, tonal shifts, slang terms, and expressive tones. In summary, editors analyse the interpretation and communication of the story.

Copy Editing

Most people refer to this style as the main section of editing. A “style sheet” is created and explains every error in your manuscript. This includes use of language, punctuation, and syntax discrepancies. In this phase it is an editor’s job to ensure your manuscript is clean before publication.


After a long and strenuous journey, a writer’s end is near. It is a proofreader’s job to check for inconsistencies and ensure there are no misinterpretations.