There are multiple options available for my services and are in order of fully editing a manuscript. If you would like a combination of these editing styles, feel free to contact me to discuss this further. Pricing differs for this option and changes based on a client’s needs. All prices below are quoted in USD.

Developmental Editing

For this service, I charge 0.0025 per word, and focuses on the following:

This is more of an overall “big picture” edit that strives to look at the little intricacies as well as the intention of the manuscript.

Line Editing

For this service, I charge 0.003 per word, and focus on the following:

This is the nitty gritty side of editing where the main focus is on grammar and clear communication. It is vital for any mixture of editing.

Copy Editing

For this service, I charge 0.0035 per word, and focuses on the following:

For a complete editorial workout, this option is crucial. It is important to use consistency and variance in a finished product. Copy editing checks that all characters, locations, scenes, and style choices flow smoothly in the manuscript. This package is essential.


For this service, I charge 0.0025 per word, and focuses on the following:

This package double checks for any missed consistencies or redundancies. It is the last crucial step before a product’s release.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a mixture?

If you are having difficulty knowing which option suits you best, one consideration is to mix up the styles that best cater to your needs. For example—you may not need any developmental editing, but would still like some critical feedback, even though the main package chosen is copy editing. This can be weaved into the order and we can discuss what requirements are needed.

How much does the pricing change with multiple options?

To be honest, not much. Combined pricing takes into account the individual pricing per word, then discounts the packages not vital to your needs. For example—a client would like copy editing with light line edits. Since the line editing is light, the individual price can be negotiated at 50% for the line editing process. Even though the copy editing price remains at the quoted price (0.0035 per word), the line edits will be 50% of 0.003.

This depends on your needs, however, my services are at a reasonable and affordable price. I am open to negotiations for pricing on any combination of editing. For larger editing projects, please contact me.

What if I am still not sure what I need?

Too much information can boggle the mind. Other times it can complicate the decision-making process. If you have any questions about editing your manuscript, feel free to contact me for more information.

How do I pay you?

All prices are in USD. Paypal is the preferred payment method, but bank transfer is also accepted (normal conversion fees apply).