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Originally posted 10/04/20
Although it seems that everyday is becoming more and more mundane with what’s happening all over the world and with how depressing it all may seem, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A lot of people would’ve spent time with their families and connected through to each other using social media, but for some of us the online world may not be familiar. With this said people may have discovered a new world as though they’d opened their eyes for the first time. For others they may have looked elsewhere online and discovered new things that entertained them from the outside world and troubles we all face.

As for me a lot of exciting things happened. I released my first ebook out into the wild, received the first print copy (where most of my time went), and got a little overwhelmed by the amount of support I received. It may not have seemed like much (if anyone noticed), but it did mean the world to me despite how I have issues with showing any sort of gratitude. As this happened, I realised how much I’ve grown in a year since leaving my old occupation.

It’s crazy to think back that it’s been a year now since I took the dive and started this journey. If anyone had told me how I would’ve edited heaps of books and helped people with their dreams, create my own website, release my first physical and digital book, and nearly finish a degree in Editing, I wouldn’t have believed them. But here I am now writing this and always pondering on what my next move is. I do have some future future plans in mind, but those can be set to the sidelines for now.

But for those who want to know I’m currently writing up a new book for Camp NaNoWriMo. What is this you ask? Well, Camp NaNo (as it’s normally called) is a way to interact with other writers and write everyday to try to accomplish a monthly goal. I use this method to smash out a new first draft which can be rather exciting and refreshing. And for the record, this also involves listening to a shitload of music, so you get to discover a whole range of different things if you want to search for something out of your comfort zone.

My next project hasn’t got a working title yet but it has the codename ‘Psychosis’. It’s a full rewrite of my first novella I created about 3 or 4 years ago, and yes, it’s does feel very odd looking back at that work. It’s about a psychologist who’s finding out that her reality isn’t as it seems and everything goes topsy-turvy. It’s a really fun read, but it does have a lot of abstract, surrealistic-type stuff going on, so reader could find it a little more intense than Woeful Requiem.

To date I’ve written approximately 23k of words with a completely revamped plot, which averages at 2.3k words a day. For a writer that’s very slow, but I’ll take any process. It’s better than not getting anything down at all. And in the end, it helps to smash out new material and keep the mind constantly active.

However, ‘Psychosis’ wasn’t the first thing I wrote in a serious nature. The massive series I first worked on (and what started my writing endeavour) is going to take a long time to create to the standard I want to meet. Every time I attempt that massive series it gets bigger, so it’s definitely a project I want to do at some point in my life. There’s only a few people who know of it too, and I’m sure they’d get excited when the time of releasing it happens. It’s one hell of a story that has a very large scope.

So when I look back at a year from now, it’s gone really fast. Like, where did all the time go?

Just like how the elderly tell you, time definitely goes faster the older you get. I’ve also considered how much my grasp on the English language has evolved too. Thoughts like this often come to mind, and not only do I see the vast, incremental changes of my writing style, I see the changes of how I appreciate the unusual, quirky and insane ideologies that I come across from other writers. Unfortunately, originality doesn’t really exist—due to the abundant uses of cliches—but there are always some works that make you feel as though originality does exist. It’s all a matter of perception and your knowledge on the particular genre and nature of the work.

Apart from the isolation and constant writing, I’ve also been reading a lot more in my spare time. It feels wonderful being able to do so since my To Be Read pile keeps getting bigger and bigger. I’m not sure about others but while being isolated, it does give everyone more time to do the things they’d been planning yet never got around to. It’s all a matter of perspective and motivation despite that being hard during these weird, fucked up times of viruses and panic.

Other than the utter state of craziness that throws itself at people on their digital screens, I’m doing okay and I hope that everyone is too. Sometimes it can be boring and mundane, but we are all in the same boat waiting everything out until normalcy returns. So until then, keep safe, stay at home, and work away at what motivates you to help pass the time.