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Woeful Requiem

After the tragic death of his wife, bestselling author John Gilchrist wants life back to how it used to be. Depression plagues both John and his daughter while they struggle to make ends meet. And when life couldn’t get any worse, John faces yet another manuscript rejection.

Frustrated, John writes a new story where his wife returns from the dead to help their family. Unaware of his psychography ability, John’s wish comes true, but Tiffany has a hidden agenda in mind.

Together husband and wife create a new manuscript inspired from John’s
depression. But as the horrors of their creativity come to life and turn against John, he finds there is more to his dead wife than what he knows.

The ebook edition of Woeful Requiem is available on Smashwords:
For a physical copy, feel free to contact me. Unfortunately at this present time, no retailer has any physical copies available.