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Hello, I’m Jessey Mills, a freelance editor. I have experience with editing manuscripts from clients all over the world. Recently, I completed my Diploma of Proofreading and Editing, so I can assure you your manuscript (or legal documentation) is in safe hands. Also, with gaining knowledge in the many complexities of English, I can help cater to your writing needs. Whenever it’s written in British English, American English, or even Indian English, I can help.

If you are a writer, I have no specifications of what I edit. From horror to fantasy to sci-fi, to even erotica and non-fiction works, I can edit anything to a high standard. My main priority is to make your manuscript grammatically correct and compelling to the reader. And with over five years of beta reading and critiquing, my knowledge is quite extensive.

If you are a business, I have substantial knowledge of academic and industry terminologies. I also have previous business and retail experience, which is an advantage when proofreading legal documentations. With being able to understand such terms, this can help potential clients who are on a tight deadline.

Why choose Jessey Mills' editing service?

I am dedicated to helping businesses and writers grow and learn, while editing at a high quality with affordable rates. Being very attentive to a document from both a reader’s and editorial perspective can help drastically improve the quality of work in a manuscript. What makes this service successful is how I strive to up-skill myself and keep up to date with both the writing and publishing world.

Communication and honesty are both good qualities to have in this field of work, which is something I strive for every time. Apart from being accurate with the English language, being communicative and relating to a client’s needs is a high priority. This helps build a fantastic working relationship, and without a code of ethics, this is not possible. That is why, with my services, I relate to a client to the best of my abilities and always have their best intentions in mind.

So what types of editing are there?

There’s many myths about what editing styles there are. Although it can be confusing, I have a page dedicated to what each one is. It can be a hard decision to make your creation stronger and error-free. I wish to help you in whatever way I can. And whenever you’re writing a new story, or ready to polish a manuscript, I have knowledge to help you cover your bases.

How long does the editing process take?

This is a good question. It all depends on the word count, what service is needed, and if there is a waiting list. Generally speaking, I book a month in advance and can cater for fast deadlines within a reasonable time frame (this usually falls on a four day period). For a quick turnover there may be extra incurring costs, but this depends on the extra time taken and how urgent the deadline is.

But you are from New Zealand? How do I pay you?

All prices are in USD. Paypal is the preferred payment method, but bank transfer is also accepted (normal conversion fees apply).

How do I contact you?

My contact details is in the Contact page. All you need to do is fill in the fields and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.